Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend weather...

I am looking at the supposed sunny and fine weather... Cloudy and fine is more like it. However I can't complain it is not raining at least.

I am baby sitting today as the wife is on a first aid course. So the plan was to take McKayla out to the park and let her burn off some energy and spend quality time with her. However the poor thing has told me the inside of her ear is sore and promptly put herself to sleep on the couch while watching her Barbie DVD.

Although we did bring up my old train set from the garage and set that up as she seems to be fascinated by trains these days. She had a great time letting it run round in circles.

The soaring comp that I was going to take part in tomorrow has been canceled due to the wind blowing in the wrong direction. So a mate and myself have decided to go to another hill to let me get some practice in. Especially seeing I have never slope soared a model before. ;-) Never a better time to learn then in a comp. ;-)

O well time to do some research on aquaponics and let the little one have her sleep. Hopefully she will wake a feeling a bit better.

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