Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smoking and Drink.

Today we went out to a family day, and there was a 3-4 year old girl that had a unlit smoke in her hand. Knowing exactly how to hold it licking her lips butt of the smoke exactly like a seasoned smoker and her parents doing nothing about it. Sad part of it is she most probally does the same to the lit ones at home and they would thing it is amusing.

What a sick world we live in that we allow our children to do such things.

Then watching TV tonight people getting drunk and then beating each other up. The poor police trying to stop the fight, I am sorry we are two kind on these lower end darwin twits. Walk in with a tazer and shock the shit out of them. Why risk getting a black eye or broken nose for there stupidity.

If that does not work batten on the back of the head. Make sure that when you do it that it is taped so that the court can see it was unprovoked and then let the judge through the morons in the cells.

I am sure if this was handled like this they would think twice before starting another fight. That or they obviously love dropping the soap in the jail house shower.

When will we stop babying these morons?

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