Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It was Monday

Wrote this yesterday but the stupid thing did not update...

So posting it today...

Back at work, the weekend was full of rain which is really good as we need it. However it made the dirt road bad and the car really full of mud.

I have not been on a bike for a long while. Need to replace the screw that fell out of the powervalve and the one fairing bolt. That and packing up to move country is taking me a while. So moral of the story is I am playing MotoGP to get a bit of the feel of a bike. Problem is it still does not beat the thrill of dragging that knee through a corner.

O well my racing days are over it seems. Unless I can find a race track in Auckland. Otherwise my little racebike is up for sale. Anyone want a really good reliable VFR400 NC30 race bike. Will post some pictures once I have finished with her respray. Want her looking good for the next owner. Bike comes with trailer etc. Post a comment if you are interested.

Today I need to do some work and document it. Nothing like handing over systems before you leave a company. I hate leaving people with a mess. Would rather them have all the knowledge that I can pass on. Nothing worse than sitting at 4am fighting with a system that you don't know and the documentation sucks.

However many of the systems I got running didn't have good documentation, and best of all the company pays for this lousy stuff. O well. Such is the mentality of cooperate life. At least if it breaks we can shout for them to fix it I suppose. Sad part is I usually end it fixing it before the support guys do.

Anyway time to get rid of CentOS from my desktop and install Ubuntu... CentOS is just not cut out to be a desktop.

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