Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A racetrack has been found.

I have found there are racetracks in NZ. I also seem to have found a motorcycle racing section. Although I can't see the classes that are involved.

Preferably I would like to stay in the power sport 250-400cc class as that is what my race bike is.

However if not then I will have to sell my current one and get me a bigger one once I am over there.

Just got a rough quote to fix the Jag's brakes... R1500 to R2500 depending on what is causing them to seize. Suppose if we are going to drive up to Bloem with the car we need to get them fixed.

Carpet to get fixed seems it will be cheaper than I thought only R350. Was expecting R500 or more, joys of living on a smallholding way out of town. However would not want it any other way the peace and quite is so relaxing.

Next the fight with home affairs to start... I paid for an unabridged marriage certificate now where the hell is it. They tell me I need to do the running around between the various branches. Not a damn I say. I paid them they can do the running around. I can see I am going to end up chasing them around.

Ok got off the phone to home affairs where we got married. Now they have to look through there archives and if they don't have it request Pretoria to look for it as they records are all sent there. Then why can't Pretoria do it in the first place. My word they are a useless bunch of morons.

Think it would be easier to get remarried. ;-) Marrying more than one person is illegal marrying the same person without getting divorced is that legal or will I have to divorce my wife and marry her on the same day.. This is getting ridiculous.

like bikes -

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