Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still looking for motorcyle racing section in NZ

I found racetrack, I found car racing, I even found a motorcycle racing section in NZ. However there website does not contain any infomation about how to start racing etc.

Now I wonder if I don't contact FIM in France directly and find out who is the registered authority in NZ for Motorcycle racing.

I wonder if anyone could help me, does anyone know if there is a powersport class in NZ ie 250cc - 400cc main circuit racing.

If not then I will have to sell the current race bike and buy me a 600cc.

This is really a hard choice for me to make. The 400cc was the first bike I bought my first racebike. The Aprilia I have wanted since I was a kid and it is now a collectors item.

Which do I sell which do I ship what do I do about racing?

It seems harder to find out about racing than it does to emigrate. O well let me worry about getting my family over first the bikes can stay at my parents in the mean time until I can ship or sell them I suppose.

This sucks.
like bikes -

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