Tuesday, August 22, 2006

To book plane tickets,

Now the pension has paid out now we need to book our tickets.

Time is flying and talking about flying it seems that Auckland is a really popular place. We can book tickets to Singapore and Malaysia but try and go from there it seems all the tickets are booked.

Weird. Anyone know of any big rugby games going on perhaps. Not a follower of soft sports.

Anyway tonight I have to tow one bike to my parents and fetch varnish to varnish stuff. Tomorrow I have to take the next bike to them. Guys there are two bikes up for sale a RS250 and a VFR400 racebike both in really good condition. Anyone interested please contact me.

At least I managed to get my new drivers licence today which I have being meaning to get for a while. I wonder if my car is ready. Guess I should phone them as I need the tow bar to tow the bike.

Time for coffee.

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