Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Job's and house hunting.

Well it has been a few days since I last wrote a mail. So let me update everyone.

I have had a very good interview with a company and unofficially the job should be mine. As the employment agent has said. However the guy took an extra days leave and has not given the official reply yet. So we sit here waiting for the phone to ring.

On the other side until I have signed a piece of paper stating that I will be working and getting an income I can't stop looking for work. So there is another company that is very interested and they are trying to arrange an interview.

This is all fine and well but what annoies me the most is there is a nice house that we looked at yesterday evening. We want to sign a lease for it ASAP before it is let out. However it would be nice to know if we will be getting an income to pay for it later. I mean I can pay for it now for the next few months but when my cash runs out there is a problem. Also places here we have found that if they are good they go really quickly.

To the agent said they will get back to us today with what is happening. Now I am pondering do we sign the lease anyway and take a chance or do we wait a little longer and risk losing the house. I just wish they would phone now and say ok here is the job offer please come and sign.

As for the long weekend that was really great. Always said I would go Zorb balling here and I go to go and do that as well as doing some downhill luge rides. I will post some pictures at a later stage.

Anyway back to updating Skype for me.

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