Saturday, March 10, 2007

Almost 6 months since my last post.

I must be honest here, I just have not had the time to post things here. For various reasons. Work keeps me busy but that is only from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 at night. The big difference here is that there is just so much to do.

Every weekend there is a new place to see or thing to do. Family life has taken a major turn for the better. So much so that we actually make time to spend one weekend a month at home just to recover. Today for instance there is a fair going on that we were going to make a turn past. However we have decided that seeing I am going to play some cricket (Yes more on that later) tomorrow that we are rather going to have a picnic in the park afterwards.

So you are most probably wondering about the cricket thing. I thought you would. There seems to be some confusion as to who I work for. Well for obvious reason I am not going to blab that out on the public web so lets say I work for company X contracted to company Y. Basically I work for company Y but company X pays my salary.

Anyway company Y challenged company X to a indoor cricket match. Well the last time I pick up a cricket bat was in High School and generally I preferred not to bat if possible. I preferred hurling the ball rather. Seeing company X only has a small number of people at company Y if we
had any little bit of knowledge of cricket we were asked to play. Well I volunteered need to meet and mingle here and get myself known again obviously.

So company X captain plays club cricket and has said it might be a good idea for us to get some batting practice in this weekend. So tomorrow morning we are off to the batting nets to see how many time I can hit the ball or get hit by the ball. ;-)

The urge to have a bike over here is growing. It is nice catching the ferry into work in the mornings for the fact that it is quick. However in the afternoons just due to how long it takes me to get to the ferry I get home later than what I would if I drove. I can't justify buying a second car as it is not needed. However a bike is looking good. Although the Kiwi's warn me that they have really bad drivers here and it is a death wish wanting to ride a bike. Well they obviously have not driven in good old SA yet.

My biggest issue right now is the fact that the MotoGP is on this weekend and I have to stream it over the internet. I don't want to pay for SkyTV just for the sport. Also the free channels have so much stuff on that we don't want more TV in our house.

Please note when I say free tv there are no licenses that we have to pay like in SA it is free. So to the SABC you can go shove it, to put it mildly.

Wife and daughter are doing really well. She had her first birthday it seems like yesterday yet she is 15 months old now. Scary to think. She is growing so fast. She has also started play center and seems to be really enjoying it. She comes home and apparently sleeps, don't know cause I come home and she just is an endless baby talk telling me about her day and occasionally showing us her belly button and nose. Quite cute that.

There is so much stuff that I want to do here that well if I pick one or two could afford to do quite easily where it would not be possible for us to do in SA. One of them is go-karting. I want to race professional go-karts. Cart costs about $3000 and is most probally the cheapest form
of racing. However I am still leaning towards getting a boat. Mainly because we can't Kart together as a family where we can all fit on a sailing boat. Small Cat will cost us about $1000 to $2000. So not to bad. Will just have to make sure it can fit in the garage and convince the wife that sailing is fun. She is still hesitant about that one. ;-) I am sure however once she has been out a few times the bug will bite.

However more importantly we need to set up house again. We are almost done and those expense are almost done as well. Just need to get the little one a bed now that she is growing up (Beds here are expensive) and replace our bed as well at the same time. Will most probably do that in the next few months. Then it is time to start saving big time for our first property once our residence comes through. Well it will be an investment property to build up for bigger things. ;-) (People read rich dad poor dad, it will open your eyes a bit) Don't usually recommend
things unless they are really good.

Anyway I think I have typed away here long enough... if you have any questions etc feel free to drop me a comment.

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