Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of office is on...

As I set my out of office I look forward to switching my brain off for the next 4 days. Even the phone will be silent... I don't care what the weather is like I just need to slow the mind down and spend time with the family.

Eric for you information the plane that you commented about was repaired and flown again. Again it was mangled this time fatally. However I have since learned its weakness not enough power. The mustang pull almost vertical. I have an acrobatic model on the work bench awaiting to be completed. A Jet Trainer with a 92mm fan man I don't think there can be a jet trainer in the true sense. I have a 2.6m glider lined up as the third to be built. A Kyosho Illusion advanced jet for when I figure out the jet trainer. Also sitting up on the garage roof is a Saab Gripen which I am debating on what to used for power and how to modify the design to give me a better wing profile.

Note even though I am a kneedragger and ride bikes I have other hobbies that are safer now... ;-) At least in the life insurance companies eyes. ;-)

Anyway I am outta here....

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