Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weather again.

Why when I have the time to go and fly does the weather not play along. While I was sick for the last two weeks the weather has been perfect for flying. Now as soon as the drugs have kicked in and I want to take some young willing people with a buddy box does the weather look shitty. It is dripping here just enough to say no to electic flying and the wind well I could fly but for a newbie on the buddy box it would be a bit harder.

Now this is where the gyro's come in. They would stop this gusty wind behavior, and on a day when we would possible not be able to fly suddenly becomes a flyable day. That is the difference flight time all new comers need is lots of flight time. It just takes practice.

O well at least this gives me the time now to reinstall my machine and get it up and running how I want it. Plus time to go to the garage and finish a model. Today one must be ready for a maiden flight. I think it will be the Thunderbird the 92mm Ducted fan that is going to give me a wake up call. ;-)

Hopefully the weather will be good next weekend to allow for a good maiden flight.

Wish me luck.

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